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Woman Charged with Side-Swiping Trooper’s Vehicle in Wrong-Way Collision Which Were Caught on Video

A female in Hartford, Connecticut is billed with swiping side of a state trooper’s car. Authorities say that is Latifah Roldan, 31, driving the suspect car.
As viewed on the dashboard camera footage, the trooper’s car was on a mostly empty half of the highway. Another car went down the other direction on the exact same lane. The suspect car changed lanes. Even the trooper’s vehicle shone toward it as it was passed. The speeding car hauled past the trooper.
In the rear view angle, then the suspect vehicle swerved around after the crash came to a stop.

According to the arrest report obtained from Law&Crime, troopers said they got 911 calls on a wrong-way driver moving southbound in the northbound lanes of I-91 in town of Windsor by exit 36 first Sunday morning. Authorities said they spotted the suspect car, a Toyota sedan, nearby exit 33 in the city of Hartford. They said the motorist, Roldan, struck a Connecticut State Trooper cruiser run by a trooper identified as Connolly, who was taken to a hospital for clinical evaluation and published. The law enforcement official’s vehicle also had a K9 named as Igor, who wasn’t hurt.
Latifah Roldan
In terms of Roldan, she supposedly failed the field sobriety tests, and was detained for a count all operating of a moving car under the influence or drugs or alcohol, driving down the wrong way of a divided street, and reckless endangerment in the second level. The defendant is scheduled for a court hearing to occur June 30 in a Hartford court. It’s unclear if she’s a lawyer in this matter.
[Screengrab via Connecticut State Police]
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