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Wisconsin Governor Tells Judge into Sanction Sidney Powell with No Re-Litigating Her’Mish-Mash Mess’ of a Lawsuit

Facing down a billion-dollar litigation from Dominion, several sanctions moves, and pub complaints, lawyer Sidney Powell asked a federal judge to prepare an evidentiary hearing Wisconsin on election-fraud claims that were rejected by every court that heard them. Lawyers for Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) portrayed that gambit as unnecessary and desperate at a new legal brief asking the judge to sanction her without all the fuss.
“The movement isn’t a car for re-litigating this court’s numerous rationales for ignoring the amended complaint,” the sheriff’s attorney Jeffrey A. Mandell wrote in an eight-page short on Wednesday. “Nor could it be a request for a guided tour during the scattershot of assumed proof that they flung in the wall in the vain hope that something will stick, or even leave a mark. The issue at the heart of Governor Evers’s motion for fees is whether their suit was filed in a suitable manner for an appropriate function. It wasn’t.”
U.S. District Judge Pamela Pepper, who presided over Powell’s case, dismissed the suit last December at a ruling characterizing it in an endeavor to achieve through the judiciary what Donald Trump’s assistants could not during the ballot.
“Federal judges don’t punish the president in this nation,” Pepper wrote in 45-page ruling late last year. “One wonders why the plaintiffs came to federal court and asked a federal judge to do so. Following a week of sometimes odd and frequently harried litigation, the courtroom isn’t any closer to answering the’.’ But this federal court doesn’t have any jurisdiction or authority to grant the relief that the remaining plaintiff seeks.”
Filed on behalf of would-be Trump elector William Sheehan, Powell’s team analyzed their lead plaintiff’s name as”Meehan,” but they insisted that their complaint might have been a winner if Judge Pepper just allowed the case to get to the merits.
Scoffing at that proposal, Gov. Evers noted that Powell’s theories rely on a supposed plot by Dominion voting machines to put in Joe Biden as president via electoral shenanigans throughout the nation, such as Wisconsin’s Milwaukee and Dane counties. One of the holes with that hypothesis is neither of these counties used Dominion technology, the governor stated.
“The amended complaint was a mish-mash wreck,” the sheriff’s brief states.
Feehan, Powell and another lawyers”might now insist that the amended complaint was well pleaded, but their ipse dixit doesn’t mean it is so,” it continues, with the Latin for their say-so.
Styling her lawsuits as the”Kraken” — named after the legendary creature given the Hollywood treatment since the octopus-like monster slain in”Clash of the Titans” — Powell had a legal team with many arms. Some of its representatives have reacted to the sanctions moves, and Gov. Evers says that this sets them onto the hook for legal penalties, too.
“By failing to submit any response or associate themselves with any registered response within the appropriate time allotted, Julia Z. Haller, Brandon Johnson, Emily P. Newman, and L. Lin Wood have surrendered the Court could impose penalties against them and that Governor Evers’s fee request is reasonable,” the brief states.
Rattling away”egregious” highlights of Powell and Feehan’s criticism, that the governor’s brief claims that they advanced a”crazy conspiracy theory” to maintain that the judge should”unilaterally and counterfactually” announce Trump won Wisconsin. They waited a month following the election to file lawsuit and included a supposed plaintiff who disclaimed any knowledge of a lawsuit filed in his name. The Washington Post recognized two of the anonymous”expert” witnesses and reported that their declarations appeared to include false statements, along with the judge found that they appear to have”made up” a quotation by her aide.
Read Gov. Evers’ brief here.
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