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Tennessee Government Employee’s Alleged Racist Message Calling NYC Mayoral Candidate a ‘Dumbass N***** B****’ Sparks Investigation

NYC mayoral candidate Dianne Morales

An employee of the Tennessee state authorities is under investigation for allegedly using racist and sexist slurs in a private message sent to a New York City mayoral candidate, the Tennessean reported Monday evening.
The probe stems from a private Facebook message sent to Dianne Morales, a former New York City public school teacher currently running to substitute Bill de Blasio since the city’s earliest Afro-Latina mayor. Morales posted a screenshot of the message on her Twitter account Monday morning. The message had been sent on April 18 from Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development worker John McDaniel,
“I’m always struck by people who feel the need to go out of their way to lob threats or insults. Though the violence is admittedly jarring, it is also a reminder how far we must go in the fight for justice and equity. I’m not going anywhere,” she wrote along with a screenshot of the alleged message from McDaniel that read, in uncensored form,”Dumbass n***** bitch!”
Screenshots of a since-deleted LinkedIn page which seemed to belong into McDaniel said that he had been a Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Grants (RESEA) planner with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Photos of the LinkedIn page were posted into Twitter by means of Democratic Tennessee House candidate Edward Nelson.
A branch spokesperson on Monday confirmed into the Tennessean which McDaniel currently stays employed and”works with unemployed people to find work” but noted that he”does not make decisions on unemployment claims”
“Agency leadership is mindful of recent allegations involving a worker and they’re investigating the subject,” department spokesperson Chris Cannon told the news outlet. “They will take additional action depending upon verified and/or corroborated facts found during the evaluation.”
Law&Crime reached out to Cannon on Tuesday with added questions about McDaniel, but we didn’t get a response by press time.
A reporter for the Tennessean also attained McDaniel by phone Monday day, and McDaniel seemed to indicate he may have been hacked.
When asked when he sent Morales the Facebook message, McDaniel told the paper,”I didn’t –I’m not going to mention anything”
When asked when his Facebook account was hacked, he added,”At this stage, I do not know.”
[picture via YouTube screengrab]
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