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Police Suspect Human Smuggling Following Finding More Than 90 Individuals Inside Houston Home. They Fear Some Have COVID-19.

Law enforcement officials at Texas found over 90 people within a Houston house that investigators currently believe is part of a human smuggling operation.
Speaking to reporters Friday afternoon, Assistant Chief of Homeland Security Control for the Houston Police Department Daryn Edwards stated officers were initially exploring a phone received Thursday night about a kidnapping. That analysis led homicide detectives to execute a search warrant in a two-story house to the 12200 block of Chessington Drive they found packaged with 91 people. He also noticed that the problem”is definitely more of a smuggling matter and not a trafficking matter,” he said will be dealt with by HSI investigators moving forward.
Edwards stated that of the 91 people within the house, roughly five were girls and the remainder were men. There were no children found within the house, together with the most adorable inhabitant probably being inside their”early 20s,” he added.
Edwards said multiple people within the house seem to possess Covid-19. The people found have complained of fevers along with a current loss of taste and smell. The Houston Health Department is running quick testing on all 91 people, and Edwards stated they might have to stay indefinitely.
The folks were sporting”basic clothing” and were sitting huddled together in two distinct sections of the house. They told authorities they had not eaten for some time.
Edwards said none of the neighbors reported seeing anything suspicious going on at the speech before authorities executing the search warrant.
The residence is owned by a household that told reporters that one man was renting the house, but Edwards was not able to provide any additional details.
Watch the full press briefing below.
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