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Pennsylvania Man Accused of Shooting His Little Dog and Grilling the Remains

Nikolay Lukyanchikov
Authorities in Northampton Township, Pennsylvania state a neighborhood man taken his dog, then charred the remains onto a charcoal grill.
Authorities said they responded to a report on a fire pit and sofa on fire in the front yard of a home on Holly Knoll Drive at roughly 7:12 a.m. Officers asserted to discover the suspect Lukyanchikov sitting on a seat near a fire. He had his rifle to his right on the seat. Cops said they discovered a badly burnt and charred”unknown creature” on top of a little metallic charcoal grill.
They later decided this was the suspect’s dog.
The suspect shot the dog before the grilling, based on prosecutors and the affidavit at Philadelphia Inquirer report. The state argued the defendant was a risk to the area.
Officials clarified Lukyanchikov as”incredibly drunk” and unable to talk. He was setting $100 bills on fire with lighter fluid within a metallic pit, which had a barbecue grate onto it. On the grate was the badly burnt creature.
Cops put the fire out and decided the victim was a little dog. According to investigators, the suspect’s roommate told cops she heard gunshots from his room, which he admitted shooting the puppy. Authorities said they discovered bullet holes in a bedroom, gore and blood at the hallway, and a weapon.
[Mugshot via Northampton Township Police Department]
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Nikolay Lukyanchikov

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