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On the Latest’Coptales’ Podcast: Sgt. Sean’Sticks’ Larkin Interviews His Favorite Informant Around Busting a Strip Club Robbery

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Larkin and his old informant”Connor”–not his real name–recount the way they were successfully able to prevent a strip club prosecution.
“I think they played a waiting game, and just like clockwork, here they come,” Connor said. “They gotkindly wait till a particular amount to show intent of these gont do exactly what they was told that could occur. And just like clockwork: It occurred, and the blue and red lights came on–and people began scattering like roaches.”

“Connor” also discusses the way he met Sean and turned into his informant back in 2009.
“I think the really, very, very very first advice was on just such as a murder suspect which they couldn’t locate, and they was outside some flats,” Conor said. “And they was looking for a certain car and I told him exactly what a vehicle wasand they put everything else together after that.”

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