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Murder Defendant Testifies That Inform His Ex-Girlfriend 49 Times on Day of Killing Was N’t’Obsessive Behavior’

Joshua Aide, the Wisconsin man on trial for attempting to kill his own ex-girlfriend Rebecca Borkowski and her loved buddy John Miller, in addition to murdering her father James Gruettner, denied on the stand Wednesday that phoning her 49 times over the day of the incident was obsessive.
The defense is attempting to show that the victims ambushed Aide, 40, and then he hauled back in self-defense. They claimed that this happened after the defendant displeased Borkowski by refusing to sell his late father’s house in 2019.
Prosecutors said it was Aide who did the exact ambushing while the victims were still attempting to correct a motor vehicle.
The only thing either side really agree on is that the shooting happened later Borkowski, 33, ended a 5-year connection with Aide. The former few co-owned a Tahoe that had radiator trouble. Borkowski said she was planning to have it fixed. The defendant, however, did not need them working on the motor vehicle.
Aide asserted on the stand that Gruettner, 59, started shoving and punching him, and he fired to protect himself. He claimed to fire in Miller after the man tried to hit on him in the back with some thing. Eventually, he stated he shot Borkowski, who raised a weapon toward him.
Obviously , this can be a 180 in the narrative presented by the natives, who stated Aide showed up and started fire.
The only”conspiracy” that the victims were a part of was committing Joshua’s property back to him to get him from Rebecca’s life, the state says. From the prosecution’s case on Monday:
The prosecution pressed Aide on Wednesday concerning the dozens of telephone calls he admittedly left to Borkowski on the day of the shooting. He asserted that he had T-Mobile as a support, and did not know if the calls went through. The state brought up that Rebecca only phoned him three times daily, together with the last call with him being at 5:30 p.m.. The prosecution indicated he was furious she was not answering her cell phone. Aide claimed that this was normal behavior for her.
In speaking the former relationship, the defendant insisted that he did not ask to reconcile with her, but only wanted to know why he left him.
According to testimony and evidence, Aide noted that another man interacted with her on Facebook. Borkowski, obviously annoyed, stated that it appeared like the defendant was”stalking” her.
After Miller got involved with the Tahoe fix, Aide asserted that the older man was with Borkowski.
The defendant needed the car repaired by a professional mechanic. Borkowski said , stating that everybody was reserved and that she wanted the vehicle gone by the weekend.
During her testimony, Borkowski comprehensive a connection full of physical abuse by Aide.
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