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Mother Faces New Murder Charges in Death of 3-Year-Old Girl Found at Delaware Softball Field

An artist’s rendition of Emma Cole (R) from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has been described as helpful in identifying the remains discovered in the baseball field.
A female in Smyrna, Delaware faces new charges from the death of her 3-year-old daughter, who was found dead in a softball area in 2019. The state’s attorney general announced Tuesday the Kristie Haas, 28, now faces two counts of murder from neglect or abuse in the first degree as part of a superseding indictment at the death of Emma Cole.
“Emma Grace had a full life made to live and life was shot,” said Rachel Byrd, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Baltimore Field Office. “At only 3 years old she was taken from her friends, her loved ones and her sisters and sisters. When the vulnerable of our citizens — our children — are victimized we’ll do everything in our ability to maintain the perpetrators responsible and to safeguard others from harm.”
Haas and husband Brandon Haas, 39, were formerly indicted in April on charges including school-age child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. Authorities said the few mistreated and neglected Emma. Investigators said they deprived her of food and necessary medical attention, left her and her sisters do excessive exerciseand subjected them to”improper physical discipline.”

We discovered the identity of the small woman who has remains were discovered in Smyrna a year ago — and that Emma Cole’s mom and stepdad are”people of interest” from the instance.
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At the moment, authorities promised more potential charges.
Brandon Haas is observed in a jail mugshot.
“While Brandon and Kristie Haas’ initial arrests provided some relief, we understood that the mission wasn’t complete until we could bring a homicide charge in this instance,” said Lt. Brian Donner of the Smyrna Police Department in a statement on Tuesday. “Today culminates all hard work and evaluation. Based on Chief Torrie James and the associates of the Smyrna Police Department, we would love to thank the Attorney General’s office for staying the course with us and visiting this situation through. We would love to thank the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their experience and resources that produced these charges potential.  Finally, all of us owe lead researcher William Davis of the Smyrna Police Department our thanks for his tenacity and hard work during the course of this investigation.”
Brandon Haas, who Emma’s stepfather, was recently locked up after supposedly violating the state of his bail. Kristie Haas remains in jail and didn’t guilty to the initial indictment on Thursday.

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