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Missouri Woman Who Smuggled Loaded Revolver to Prison in Her’Body Cavity’ Sentenced to Ten Years

Amy Natasha Wilhite and Also the .22 revolver she Sneaked into Boone County Correctional Facility

A Missouri woman who smuggled a pint-sized loaded revolver into a county jail by keeping it concealed in her”body cavity” has been sentenced to a decade in prison, based on court documents reviewed by Law&Crime.
Amy Natasha Wilhite, 39, pleaded guilty in mid-April to intentionally possessing a weapon inside the Boone County Correctional Facility by minding a .22 caliber pistol through prison safety on Feb. 14. Wilhite accomplished this despite being hunted upon her own arrest. A detention sergeant is thought to have performed a”thorough pat search” at the jail, and a”procedural strip hunt” was conducted prior to Wilhite was admitted to the general populace.
While many outlets have reported Wilhite interrupts the weapon inside her vagina, court and police documents said that Wilhite”had the very small revolver concealed inside a single body cavity when she had been brought into the Boone County Jail.” Wilhite also was able to keep the deadly contraband concealed for 17 days prior to the firearm was discovered by prison guards.
“At any time later being apprehended in the Boone County Jail it’s thought Wilhite eliminated the firearm out of her entire body and hidden it within her personal belongings,” the sheriff’s office said in a March 3 Facebook article about the incident which included a photograph of this pistol (see previously ). The revolver in question has been roughly”4 inches in length, 2.38 inches in width, 0.88 inches in width, and weighs a mere 4.6 oz,” the sheriff’s office said.
Authorities said they discovered Wilhite in one of the prison housing units in possession of the gun, which was loaded with five bullets and also wrapped in a plastic bag. She allegedly told officers she had been just”holding” the gun for one more female detainee, but other offenders assigned to her housing unit informed the warden it was her gun.
Wilhite is presently being detained at the Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center, and it will be a country intake facility.
Believe it or not, there are other examples of girls who’ve been convicted for hiding loaded pistols in their vaginas.
See below to the charging records.

[picture via Boone County Sheriff’s Office]
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