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Inmate, Who Was 14 If He Stabbed Friend Over 40 Times at School Restroom Stall, Has Died in Prison

Michael Hernandez

A prison inmate in Florida died on Thursday after years behind bars in the murder of a buddy. Michael Hernandez, who was 14 when he committed the offense, was serving a life sentence at Columbia Correctional Institute at the departure of Jaime Gough. Police did not detail the reason behind death. Department of Corrections documents viewed by Lawand Crime merely describe him as”DECEASED,” and dryly notes the”Date Out-Custody” as April 29, 2021. They did not immediately respond to your request for comment.
Jaime’s father Jorge Gough told The Associated Press that he was not expecting this. He explained that he and his wife talk about their son, simply”not in a sad way.”
“We miss him, and the major question is: What would he be today?” He explained.
The potential of Jaime, a straight-A student and violin player, finished when Hernandez enticed him into a disabled restroom stall at Southwood Middle School from the south Florida village of Palmetto Bay. The defendant promised to show him something. It was a trap. Hernandez stabbed him more than 40 times and slit his throat, then hid the knife at a backpack before going to class. He failed to stop catch for any meaningful quantity of time as a teacher found blood .
Hernandez, who police said had been obsessed with serial killers, also faced a count of tried first-degree murder because he attempted to lure another buddy Andre Martin to precisely exactly the identical trap the day before.
The suspect obtained re-sentenced in 2016 after the U.S. Supreme Court held that juveniles couldn’t get compulsory life sentences. It did not do him any good. His punishment stood. He gave an emotional apology at the hearing, but Martin (who’s currently a police officer) and Jaime’s parents called it imitation.
“I will take a look at his own face, and I really don’t believe him whatsoever,” Jorge said, according to WSVN.

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