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‘I Listened to Too Much Propaganda’: White Trump Voter Gets Probation After Voting for His Dead Mother and Punishes Another Dead Woman as a Republican in Pa..

A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to five years probation after he confessed to illegally projecting his dead mum’s ballot for president Donald Trump throughout the 2020 presidential elections.
Bruce Bartman, 70, provided that an allocution in front of Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge George Pagano during a Friday hearing. Bartman apologized for his conduct and pleaded guilty to 2 counts of perjury and one count of criminal voting.
“I was isolated annually in lockdown,” the suspect informed the court in proceedings initially reported from The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I listened to a lot of propaganda and also made a stupid mistake.”
Bartman’s attorney, Samuel Stretton, also said his client had made”a very misguided political error” that has been”very stupid.”
The judge, for his part, even lauded the suspect for acknowledging to his own wrongdoing and said that the case”goes to the heart of our democracy.”
Back in November 2020, it was the Trump effort that directed out Bartman’s dead mother had somehow cast a ballot.
As Law&Crime formerly mentioned, Bartman was accused last year of enrolling his mum Elizabeth Bartman along with his mother-in-law Elizabeth Weihman, both who were dead at the time, through the Keystone State’s online voter registration system.
Each of those dead ladies, who’d been dead for a few 12 and 2 years, respectively, were registered as Republicans.
Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer (D) alleged that Bartman was finally just able to cast a vote for his mother.
Using his mother’s driver’s license number, Bartman accessed the Pennsylvania online voting portal site and enrolled without incident because of exactly the Stollsteimer named a”flaw” in the system that was not able to grab the motorist’s license as belonging to some dead individual.
Even the DA issued a long announcement last December shortly covering many, spurious claims by Trump and his allies that voter or electoral fraud’d run rampant during the 2020 electoral competition between the ineffective 45th president and victorious ultimate President Joe Biden.
Stollsteimer stated in a media release:
Although this case is disturbing in light of the controversial Presidential Election and its wake, it’s important for people to notice two things. To begin with , this is the only known instance of a dead individual voting in our War, conspiracy theories . Moreover, the immediate prosecution of this case indicates that law enforcement will continue to uphold our election laws presented with real evidence of fraud and that we’ll continue to investigate every allegation that that comes our way. Secondly, though this was the very secure election in our lifetimes, human history indicates that there are always a few who will attempt to criminally cheat virtually some other system. The fact that Mr. Bartman managed to register two dead individuals through the Commonwealth’s online voter registration system ought to issue our country lawmakers. In the end, the Delaware County Voter Registration Commission can only administer the system our Legislature puts in place.
In comments after Bartman’s Legislation, Stollsteimer stated he felt”justice” had been”served.”
“There’s not public advantage to him being ” the district attorney included. “This suspect from the start has taken responsibility for his actions, and he’s paid the price for them.”
Although some may dispute if Bartman really accepted responsibility”from the start” to the deceased mother/mother-in-law voting scandal (since he did not ), many others immediately contrasted his probation punishment to the 5 years in prison that Crystal Mason received for unemployment while on supervised release for juvenile tax fraud. She did not know that Texas law prohibits convicted felons from voting until they have”completely discharged their sentence, including any period of incarceration, parole, or supervision.”
[picture through Delaware County District Attorney’s Office]
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