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‘Dancing His Way into Jail’:’ Police Need Help Busting a Man Who Busted a Move After Allegedly Pawning Stolen Jewelry (VIDEO)

Police in Florida are expecting they’ll shortly be able to bust a suspect who busted a move on surveillance video.

Help us find this freestyling felon who’s dancing his way to jail. Read more on our FB. @WPBF25News @CBS12 @WPTV @FOX29WFLX @TCPalm @TC_Brief
— Port St. Lucie PD (@PSLPolice) April 30, 2021

Suspected at a jewelry theft, Sean M. Gazo, 31, had been captured on surveillance video dancing at the parking lot of a pawn shop where police claim he broke into a celebratory boogie after supposedly selling jewelry he stole. Rolling tape onto the small functionality on Friday, police in Port St. Lucie searched the public’s help finding Gazo and his suspected co-conspirator Carl M. Jackson, 42.
Police state that the duo was hired as day laborers to move heavy furniture to get an 86-year-old at February.

Cops assert Gazo along with Jackson pawned the stolen items at a store in Stuart, Florida, which is to the southeast of Port St. Lucie.  (The police used the terms”pawned” and”offered” interchangeably to describe the transaction, though the two are technically separate.)
— Port St. Lucie PD (@PSLPolice) April 30, 2021

As seen on television, a bespectacled man identified as Gazo threw his hands on the hair, snapped his fingers, and bounced from the knees at what could be described as some type of rhythm outside the store. Surveillance footage separately recorded a guy identified as Jackson, who kept a cooler head on the video. He sported a Detroit Pistons cap and, for example Gazo, wore black. He made no obvious effort to overtly celebrate as he made his way through the parking lot.
Dancing or not, they face warrants on multiple points. Gazo is described as white, standing 6’1,” and weighing 185 lbs. He faces two counts of dealing in stolen propertyand two counts of false info to pawnbroker, and one count of third-degree grand theft. Jackson is described as Black, standing 5’8″, and weighing 220 lbs. He faces one count each of dealing stolen property, false information to pawnbroker, and third-degree grand theft.
Police are hoping the public will assist find both men.
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