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Colorado Man Who Pleaded for The Wife’s Safe Return Following She Tickles Missing on Mother’s Day 2020 Is Currently Charged with Murder

A husband who repeatedly teased in a video because of his 49-year-old spouse Suzanne Morphew’s secure return days later she went missing on Mother’s Day 2020 is currently charged with all first-degree murder in her death. Barry Morphew, 53, faces charges of murder, evidence tampering, and attempting to influence a public servant just below a year later Suzanne disappeared. He had been detained on Wednesday.
Morphew, a mom of 2 in Salida, went outside for a bike ride, but did not return. A search ensued and it was soon reported that police found Morphew’s bicycle.
Suzanne Morphew
On May 17, 2020, Barry Morphew actually appeared in a video pleading for Suzanne’s safe return.
“Oh Suzanne, when anybody is out there that can hear that, that has youpersonally, please, we will do anything is necessary to bring back you. We love you. We miss you. The girls want you. Yet much they want, I’ll do anything it takes to get you back. Honey, I love you. I would like you so awful,” he explained.
In light of the murder charges which were just handed down, this may remind a few of the way Colorado guy and convicted murderer Chris Watts reacted after his pregnant spouse Shanann Watts and his two brothers Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, were reported missing.
“Shanann, Bella, Celeste… when you’re out there, simply come back,” Watts said on the local news.
Bob Morphew, Barry Morphew’s uncle that resides in Indiana, told Fox 21 News in May 2020 which Suzanne had been”one of the sweetest people you’d ever need to meet” The uncle rejected the thought that his nephew might have played a part in her disappearance.
“I believe they could spoil that type of notion,” he explained.
“They’re a loving couple and I’ve never seen any kind of unhappiness with each other or made by either one of these,” Bob Morphew added. “What you saw on this video from Barry the other day that is just Barry and that is exactly how he feels. He loves her and that he wants her back, he was not putting on. I believe anybody that ever knew these at any stage in their married life would inform you they had been loving of a couple as you’d find anywhere.”

Jeffrey Puckett, a guy who had been hired to perform work for Morphew, told Fox 21 News a Holiday Inn area in Broomfield that Barry paid for him to stay in the weekend Suzanne disappeared reeked of”chlorine”
“I have there Sunday night and the room smelled like chlorine genuine poor,” he explained. “It had been his room and he had taken a bath — his towels all around the ground.”
Puckett said he found mail addressed to Barry Morphew in a garbage can inside the space.
When I found the email the next morning, just kinda looked to be an alibi,” Puckett said.
Barry Morphew denied there was any foul play and stated Puckett had done prison time previously.
“I did not do nothing wrong in the resort. There is cameras all over that location. Then he proposed the room might have smelled like chlorine because the resort was taking extra cleaning precautions because of COVID-19.
“I smelled it also when I had been in there,” he explained.
Puckett recalled Morphew leaving the resort in a hurry,