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Ronnie Oneal Found Guilty of Murdering Girlfriend and Daughter After Representing Himself by Glancing at Jurors, Cross-Examining Son He Tried to Kill

A Florida man who represented himself and typically shouted his arguments at jurors was found guilty on Monday of killing his girlfriend and daughter and accountable for attempting to kill his own son. Ronnie Oneal III, 32, had especially supplied a rambling opening statement and closing argument where he denied wrongdoing from the 2018 murders of both Kenyatta Barron, 33, also Ron’Niveya Oneal, 9, nevertheless confessed to certain parts of the state’s case.
“I’d kill Kenyatta Barron, but I would like you to tell it as it’s if you’re going to let it,” he said, saying something which the prosecution would concur with.
Oneal beat Barron, killed her with a shotgun, also used a hatchet into slaughter Ron’Niveya, that dwelt with autism and was non-verbal, prosecutors said. The defendant set the home on fire,” they said.
“The defendant was only getting warmed up”

At trial, Oneal tried to convince jurors that 911 audio along with other evidence was falsified by law authorities. However, prosecutors introduced testimony of Oneal’s own son, that lived the gruesome assault.
The boy, who was 8 at the time of their murders, testified that his father stabbed him afterwards attempting to light him on fire. First responders testified the kid fled the burning dwelling suffering awful burnsoff, a collapsed lung, and that which was described as a gaping wound into his belly.
Oneal implied that the kid’s narrative was trained by law authorities, citing the fact that his son was adopted by an investigator on the case.
However, the kid was business in his accounts during the surreal cross-examination.
“Did I hurt you that night of the episode?” Oneal requested.
“Yes,” the kid said, delivering testimony .
“How can I hurt you?” Oneal said.
“You chased me,” he said.
Defendant Oneal was convicted of first-degree murder with a firearm, first-degree murder with a weapon, attempted first-degree murder with a weapon, first-degree arson, resisting an officer without violence, and 2 counts of aggravated child abuse.
He was briefly declared incapable in 2018 to face trial but was finally cleared to contest the charges .
The punishment phase of the trial is set to start Wednesday.
Throughout a pre-trial hearing May regarding his desire to go pro se, Oneal welcomed the potential for a departure sentence, according to The Tampa Bay Times. When cautioned by Hillsborough Circuit Judge Michelle Sisco concerning the possible consequences of dropping the case, Oneal compared himself into the rapper Notorious B.I.G. Sisco pointed out Biggie was murdered.
“Just like I’m going to be, correct?” Oneal said. “I was murdered a couple times previously. So I’m cool with being killed again and coming back just like B.I.G.”
Jerry Lambe contributed to the report.
[Screengrab through Fox 13 Tampa Bay]
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Smallville Actress Allison Mack Gave Government Key Tape Who Brought Down NXIVM Sex Cult Leader: Prosecutors

She gave the authorities a recording roughly a month prior to his trial showing the franchise service to the secret sisterhood of sex”slaves” that burned women with the cult leader’s thought.
Prosecutors demonstrated the extent of Mack’s alliance for the very first time in a memorandum on Monday evening, that claims for some leniency in her forthcoming June 30th sentencing in light of her”considerable assistance to the authorities.”
The memo investigates how Mack detailed the inner workings of the”secret sisterhood” of all Raniere’s slaves known as DOS, short for Dominus Obsequious Sororium, that was exposed by the New York Times in 2017:
Mack also supplied details regarding crimes committed by other first-line DOS”masters,” such as assignments to”seduce” Raniere and attempts to find Raniere a virgin”successor.” Mack detailed Raniere’s job in devising assignments for Mack’s”slaves,” such as, among other things, Raniere’s continued requests for nude photos from Mack’s DOS”slaves”; Raniere’s instructions concerning the”seduction” mission; and Raniere’s reinforcement of using demeaning and derogatory language, such as racial slurs, to humiliate DOS”slaves”
Prosecutors call it”highly likely” that Mack’s public accountable plea motivated her co-conspirators to follow suit, noting that Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman and NXIVM bookkeeper Kathy Russell failed so weeks after she confessed to racketeering along with also a connected conspiracy count. Mack had supplied information to the authorities about Bronfman’s job intimidating DOS victims, prosecutors say.
Mack also supplied information about Bronfman’s attempts to harass and threaten DOS victims, in addition to Bronfman’s attempts to initiate a criminal cybercrime evaluation from an individual Bronfman believed to be vital of Raniere and NXIVM. Mack also supplied relevant emails, documents and documents to the authorities.
Perhaps most importantly, Mack supplied the authorities with a recording which, in trial, served as critical evidence of Raniere’s part in devising the branding service where DOS”slaves” were branded with a logo which, unknown to them, represented Raniere’s own ribbon.
As explained in court documents, that tape showed Raniere apparently teaching Mack on holding down girls”like a sacrifice” and exerting control over them through”collateral.”
Raniere: Would you think the person who’s being branded ought to be entirely nude and sort of held into the table such as a, sort of like a sacrifice? I don’t know if that, that’s a feeling of entry, you know.
Mack: Mmhm
Raniere: So, it probably should be a more vulnerable position type of a thing.
Mack: OK
Raniere: Laying on the back, legs slightly, or thighs spread directly like, such as toes being held into the side of this table, palms probably above the head being held, like being tied down, such as sacrificial, whatever.
Mack: OK.
Raniere: Along with also the man or woman ought to ask to be branded.
Mack: OK
Raniere: If say, please contact me it’d be an honour, or something like that. An honor I wish to use for the rest of my lifetime, I don’t know.
Mack: OK
Raniere: And they ought to probably say that until they’re held down, therefore it doesn’t seem as though they have been coerced.
Mack: OK
Prosecutors say that the authorities”was not formerly in possession” of that record, and Mack’s collaboration was”never publicly announced,” although notes out of her proffer sessions were supplied to Raniere’s defense group under seal.

Citing her assistance, prosecutors desire U.S. District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to con her under that. Mack’s victims are expected to speak at her sentencing hearing.
Read the authorities memo under:
[Picture via YouTube screengrab]
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Netflix and Bourbon World Collide in’Heist’ Documentary, Covering the Largest Pappy Van Winkle Theft of Time

Few things set better collectively than Netflix and also a terrific whiskey. There is no question of Netflix’s success and video streaming support is increasing the ante once again. A tall pour of bourbon and Netflix’s upcoming Heist documentary series would be the perfect pairing.
Heist’s 2021 release covers three individual storylines. A Vegas vault burglar, also a Miami airport shakedown and the biggest bourbon theft that has ever taken place play host to the new true crime documentary. That’s proper. The story of Gilbert Curtsinger is being educated in movie format, retelling the shocking tale of how cases of bottles and literal barrels were stolen out of Buffalo Trace and resold. The bourbon was none apart from Pappy and other Van Winkle bottlings.

In 2015, Curtsinger was detained after making the vast majority of earnings at rec softball leagues in Kentucky. Buffalo Trace noted that 65 cases of varied Rip Van Winkle and Pappy bottlings were lost in 2013, although investigations ultimately dead ended until a tip was registered after earnings were made.
Prices soar from $600 to nearly $3,000 for many years’ releases. It is no surprise that these bottles have been ripe for thieving, or even counterfeiting, as a result.
Curtsinger and many others were detained and tried for receiving and selling stolen merchandise. In the time of his arrest, he was in possession of many barrels of Wild Turkey whiskey. The distilleries aren’t far apart, although it’s no small undertaking to lift a 500+ pound barrel of whiskey and make off like a bandit.
Sentenced to 15 years in prison but released after 30 times as part of Kentucky’s”shock probation” app, Curtsinger is serving the remainder of his time below custody. The narrative of Pappygate – since the thieving, resale and courtroom drama is known – has been purely text until this stage, and interviews with Curtsinger are rare.
We will certainly be watching, bourbon in hand.
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Prosecutors Set Their Sights on Donald Trump’s Former BodyguardWho Who Has Now Lawyered Up: Report

Matthew Calamari stands in the lobby of the Trump Building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NY.

Former President Donald Trump’s onetime bodyguard, who currently serves as a crucial manager using the Trump family sector, is allegedly being investigated by Manhattan prosecutors.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump Organization executive Matthew Calamari is being inspected with the New York City District Attorney’s Office as a part of the extensive research into whether the organization and/or executives there committed fraud. The obvious focus is on whether the Trump Organization and top brass skirted tax laws by offering workers with fringe benefits which were never accounted for in tax filings.
Prosecutors’ curiosity about Calamari can be likened for their interest at the Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, who has allegedly been targeted in an effort to turn him as part of this wider inquiry into allegations that Trump’s family overvalued and undervalued certain assets so as to receive undue rebates or rewards.
No charges have been filed against Weisselberg or Calamari, however, the former was subpoenaed in late March of the year. The office led by Cyrus Vance, Jr. has convened a grand jury in late May, which will be convened for a documented term of six months.
In the WSJ’s accounts from Rebecca Ballhaus and Corinne Ramey:
Prosecutors recently advised Mr. Calamari and his son, Matthew Calamari Jr., which they should employ their own lawyer, individuals knowledgeable about the issue said. The elder Mr. Calamari, who works since the Trump Organization’s chief operating officer, and his child, the organization’s corporate manager of security, had previously been represented by a lawyer who was also representing other Trump Organization workers, one of the individuals said.
Such a recommendation is frequently a sign that prosecutors’ interest in a topic is intensifying, but does not indicate the Calamaris will be charged with wrongdoing.
The Calamaris have hired Nicholas Gravante Jr., head of commercial litigation at Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft LLP, some of the people said.
Calamari, a stalwart of the Trump family, temporarily served to the 45th president’s 2016 presidential campaign and was paid just over $4,000 in July of the year, based on records gathered by the Federal Election Commission. He started working as Trump’s bodyguard in 1981 and finally impressed his boss so much Trump commended him in a 2004 financial self-help book/memoir:”Trump: How to Get Rich.”
The COO’s possible role in the topic of the fraud probe became a matter of public knowledge–and prosecutorial interest–last summer following congressional testimony provided by Trump’s previous lawyer, friend and fixer Michael Cohen.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) put arrows in at least two prosecutors’ quivers by asking Cohen directly whether he knew if Trump”ever provide[d] inflated resources to an insurance company.”
“Yes,” Cohen answered.
“Who knows that the president did so?” That the Bronx-based democratic socialist inquired.

That brief back-and-forth immediately led both Vance’s office and New York State Attorney General Letitia James (D) to start or expand preexisting investigations into Trump’s family, Eric Trump in particular, and the firm which bears their name.
“If he is inflating his resources to get a better insurance fee or anything, he’s using a scheme or artifice–which is the language of this statute–that’s arguably using a scheme or artifice to defraud the insurance company,” computer law expert and criminal defense lawyer Tor Ekeland told Law&Crime at the moment.
“The significant thing to notice about the wire fraud and the lender fraud statutes is they’re extremely wide and you don’t actually need to have triumphed in committing the fraud you’re attempting to initiate,” Ekeland elaborated. “The moment you …

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A Guy Who Was Just Convicted of Murdering That a Navy Recruit Has Been Indicted at the Cold Case Murder of Another Woman

Thomas Garner, Pamela Cahanes, and Kathy Hicks

Less than two months into his life sentence for murdering a Navy recruit decades ago, a Florida man has been indicted in another cold case.
Thomas Garner, 61, had barely started his prison term for the 1984 murder of 25-year-old Navy recruit Pamela Cahanes until prosecutors alleged that it really isn’t the very first time he uttered a woman’s life. He was indicted for second-degree murder in the 1982 death of Kathy Warnette Hicks, that was also 25, Honolulu police said on Monday according to WFTV.
Garner has been on the radar Hawaii’s law enforcement to get at least a few months. His DNA was entered at the Combined DNA Index System. Police in Honolulu, Hawaii maintained in April that they got a preliminary match in the passing of Hicks, a Delta Airline employee who was killed on Sept. 19, 1982.
Coworkers allegedly claimed she travelled with a guy named”Tommy,” carrying the elevator from the 24th floor to the reception and going toward the swimming pool area.
Joggers reportedly found Hicks’ body at about 10% on Sept. 19, dumped along Nuuanu Pali Drive. She was strangled to death. Investigators promised to find DNA, that is currently being used to identify Garner since the alleged killer. A part of the Navy, he was reportedly stationed in Hawaii from April 1980 to October 1982.
At a previous statement concerning the murder of Hicks, Honolulu police said:
Kathy Hicks, a 25-year-old female, was found on a grassy mountain along Nuuanu Pali Drive. She was visiting from Georgia to get a company softball tournament. Reports indicate she was attacked and strangled to death. Witnesses supplied sketches of a man she was last seen with. The man was described as having an African American combined ethnicity, standing 5’11” to 6′ tall, weighing approximately 150 to 160 lbs., clean cut with black hairbrown eyes.
Suspect sketches of guy allegedly last viewed with Kathy Hicks.
Regardless of the consequence of the new criminal situation, this suspect is place to spend the rest of his life in prison. Garner was sentenced to May 6 at the murder of Cahanes at Seminole County, Florida, at a situation with a few noteworthy parallels with the Hawaii murder. He strangled and beat Cahanes to departure, leaving her body out an abandoned home, prosecutors said. DNA from underneath Pamela’s fingernails and out of her panties eventually led to Garner’s arrest in 2019, authorities said.
“Pamela Cahanes enlisted in the Navy to struggle for her county. Instead she had to fight Thomas Garner for over 8 minutes, just to lose her entire life,” said Assistant State Attorney Anna Valentini at a statement. “We are thankful we were able to win this fight for Pamela and her loved ones. I expect they can rest easier knowing that tomorrow, and every day afterwards, Thomas Garner will wake up in a jail cell knowing exactly why he’s there.”
Just like Cahanes, Garner was attending the Orlando Naval Training Center at the Moment. If asked at trial about having any sexual relationship at the moment, he implied that he wouldn’t have recalled her, even if he had a casual relationship with her.
“To be perfectly honest with you, ” I was fairly promiscuous at that specific time, due to the atmosphere and the environment which was on that specific foundation at that specific time,” he said, according to Fox 35 Orlando.…

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Black Lives Matter Protesters Can Sue Local Police –But Not Trump and Barr–for Lafayette Square Incident

Weeks after an inspector general’s report splashed cold water on the story that Lafayette Square was cleared for a picture shot with a Bible, a federal judge found former President Donald Trump and ex-Attorney General Bill Barr cannot be prosecuted within the episode.
“First, national security–specifically, the country’s national-security interest in the safety and security of this President and the area surrounding the White House–weighs against creating a Bivens remedy here,” U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich wrote at a 51-page comment on Monday.

Black Lives Matter protesters Randiya Buchanan and many others had hoped that their lawsuit annually could be one of the instances that met that standard.
This was the afternoon that authorities controversially deployed tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets to remove protesters in the aftermath of George Floyd’s departure. Once the audience was dispersed, Trump forced his way through the square and then posed by a Bible on his right hand facing the St. John’s Episcopal Church, which was damaged by a fire which was deliberately set the night before.
More than a year could pass until the Interior Department’s inspector general revealed that the clearing of this square was scheduled in progress –with no order in the then-president or attorney general.
Since the litigation had not yet attained the merits, the issue before Judge Friedrich was technical. She decided national-security concerns mandated the case’s dismissal–at least, concerning the federal government representatives.
“In this circumstance, it matters not whether the national security risk really justified the particular action taken,” the ruling states. “Instead, the question is whether’national-security worries’ were present in the decision-making procedure the national officials faced and thus’whether the Judiciary should change the frame established by the governmental divisions for fixing [similar] instances’ […] When it comes to managing audience activity directly beyond this White House,” decision-makers should weigh people, presidential, and White House security interests.”
Judge Friedrich, a Trump appointee, did, however, locate the claims against Washington, D.C. and Arlington, Va. plausible enough to endure.
“As mentioned, the defendants banned all expressive activities in Lafayette Square with no basis at all; they left open no alternative stations; and they dispersed protestors because of the plaintiffs’ exercise of their protected First Amendment rights,” the ruling states. “Reasonable officers would have understood that such alleged actions violated clearly established law.”
Scott Michelman, the legal director of the ACLU of this District of Columbia, denounced the judgment essentially giving the”government a green light to use violence, such as deadly force against demonstrators, as long as national officials claim to be protecting national security.
“Under the decision, Lafayette Square is now a Constitution-free zone when it comes to the activities of government officials,” Michelman wrote in a declaration. “Not only is the decision a gorgeous rejection of our constitutional values and protestors’ First Amendment rights, but it effectively places national officials above the law.”
“We aim to assess all our legal options to make sure that protestors cannot be wantonly attacked at the beginning of a national official,” Michelman added, also urging congressional action to restrict federal immunity.
For Buchanan’s lawyer Randy Mastro, from the business Gibson Dunn, the judgment marked at least a partial success for his client.
“We’re gratified that the Court has acknowledged so much of the case is now able to proceed and that it should’have been clear to each reasonable officer at the time that it occurred’ that the violent draining of Lafayette Park with no basis would have been unconstitutional,” Mastro wrote in a declaration. “However, we’ll continue to seek justice against these national officials who succeeded in acquiring certain claims …

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‘Our Time Was Cut Short with an Atrocious Act’:” Newlywed Air Force Veteran Found Shot to Death Inside Your House; Police Suspect Ex-Husband

A Minneapolis-area girl and Air Force veteran had been married for less than 1 week before she was discovered shot to death inside her home, and police suspect her ex-husband of murdering her.
Lauri Anne Deatherage, 48, was discovered in her Robbinsdale home Friday morning as police conducted a health check. She’d married Billy Deatherage, 53, only five days before.
“After discovering her body, officers monitored her ex-husband into his Brooklyn Center residence,” that the Star-Tribune reported. Following a 10-hour standoff, the reported 64-year-old surrendered to police at around 9 p.m. on Friday, according to the Star-Tribune report.
Lauri along with Billy Deatherage married on June 13, which was her birthday.
“Can’t wait to see who shows up now!! Getting married in my birthday,” she posted on Facebook that afternoon, adding”(I will never forget that the anniversary!)”
Billy Deatherage, an Air Force veteran, had met Lauri 30 years ago while stationed at the Air Force base in Grand Forks, in line with the Star-Tribune report. They reconnected around four decades back, and he proposed this spring, ” the report said.
Deatherage told that the Star-Tribune that he is a”train wreck” after the departure of his spouse.
“Our time was cut short by an atrocious action,” he said. “We had been married less than 1 week until she was removed from me”

“She was a good soul,” he said.
He also told the paper that she had spent the last 20 years designing costumes to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.
The Star-Tribune reported that Lauri was planning to move to Arkansas to be with her new husband after shutting the sale of her house.
“Why am I going?” Lauri published on Facebook at April. “Well, I got engaged and my fiancé lives in Arkansas and I’m moving to be nearer to him.”
Court records reportedly show that Lauri countered a divorce with the defendant in September 2018. The defendant has not yet been publicly called, but he is reportedly in custody. Law&Crime tried to reach the Robbinsdale Police Department by telephone and email for verification regarding the suspect’s identification, however we did not obtain a response by the time of publication.
[Image courtesy YouTube/Lauri McCloud]The article’Our Time Was Cut Short with an Atrocious Act’: Newlywed Air Force Veteran Found Shot to Death Inside Her Home; Police Suspect Ex-Husband first appeared on Law & Crime.…

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Volunteer Fire Chief Dies in Horrific Multiple Vehicle Pileup Around the Highway Along with His or Her 9-Month-Old Daughter. Eight Other Women Were Additionally Killed.

A volunteer leader fire fighter from Tennessee was murdered in an auto accident over the weekend together with his own 9-month-old daughter.
New Hope Volunteer Fire Chief Cody Fox and his daughter Ariana were murdered along with eight others in a gigantic, 15-plus-vehicle automobile crash on Interstate Highway 65; eight of individuals who died were kids.
As stated by the Chattanoogan, the incident occurred in Butler County Alabama following one automobile began to hydroplane. Ultimately, two semis were involved with the dreadful and fiery pileup late Saturday afternoon. Fox’s automobile, a tiny SUV, reportedly overturned. The deceased leader’s fiancée Hayle Anderson was also injured and allegedly rushed to an intensive care unit at a nearby hospital.
Though a volunteer in New Hope, Fox was employed as a member of the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) in Marion County, Tenn..
Accolades, memorials and fond remembrances of the fallen firefighter began pouring in almost just as soon as word got out.
“He had a driveway unlike anybody else in regards to establishing the family business with my father. He was always prepared to assist anyone out. He always put his family first.”
“Cody Fox was the best friend, the best person, the best father,” his friend Tyler Payne wrote in a Facebook post. “He had the most sweetest and most adorable daughter. Cody was my own brother. I can not believe that happened. My god rest your spirit Cody and Ariana.”
“He was a handsome young man with a bright future.”
According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Lamb elaborated at the time he invested Fox in a Social Networking post on Sunday:
Words cannot express the grief I have felt as I received the telephone yesterday afternoon telling me of the death of Cody and his daughter in an auto accident in southern Alabama. Cody was an integral part of the EMA staff in Marion County, always prepared, always prepared to serve. His positive attitude, his willingness to learn, and without a doubt that the politest young man I have ever understood, will be greatly missed.
I offer my deepest grief because of his or her parents and loved ones. He had been a committed responder, a fantastic boy, a fantastic brother, a fantastic father and a fantastic friend.
I will miss him horribly.
Institutions who knew the man also contributed their memories of their life and the effects of his or her loss.
“Our faculty and staff have heavy hearts today as we mourn the loss of one our alumni,” Richard Hardy Memorial School, where Fox graduated from a few years past, posted on Facebook. “Cody Fox, a member of this Class of 2011, and his 9 month old daughter had been tragically killed in an accident yesterday returning from a vacation trip. We’d like to express our deepest sympathies to his loved ones.”
“His fiancée Hayle is now in ICU.
Fox also worked because the plant functioning manager at Tennessee Rub Factory. He was declared dead at the scene.
In addition to the death of Cody and his infant daughter, eight girls aged four 17 were murdered after the bus they were in caught fire beneath the cascading wreckage–as rescue crews tried to eliminate them from the deadly threat on the street.
Many of the girls who died attended the Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch–a house for abused and neglected kids –that is operated by the Alabama Sheriffs Association.
Two of the deceased were all the brothers of living ranch manager Candice Gulley; yet the following two were all guests.

“This is the worst catastrophe I have been a part of …

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Dippin’ Dots CEO Sent Nudes to Ex-Girlfriend’s Mother as Part of’Vicious Harassment’ and Also’Blackmail’ Campaign, Lawsuit Claims

Even the ex-girlfriend of Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Fischer is suing her former beau, accusing him of spearheading an elaborate effort to humiliate and blackmail her by sending naked photos of her some of which were allegedly taken without consent — to multiple individuals, including her very mother. Fischer’s attorneys supposedly responded to the allegations by asserting Amanda Brown is an”outlandish” example of attempted extortion.

“On a minumum of one recent event, Fischer delivered Amanda’s private sexual picture to maybe the very traumatizing audience imaginable–Amanda’s mother,” the lawsuit states.
The causes of actions are based on promises of invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence in the treatment of Brown’s nude photographs and movies.
Brown stated that Fischer consistently abused alcohol during their connection despite her”often” pleading with him to stop participating in the self-destructive lifestyle that she says led to the conclusion of the connection.
According to the suit, Fischer didn’t send the romantic photos of Brown into others, he also repeatedly suggested that he was”too rich or powerful to allow her to hold him liable,” and promised her that”the legislation cannot reach him.” Brown further alleged that Fischer employed the sensual images of her as part of a brand new scheme.
“Fischer has disseminated Amanda’s private sexual images to third parties, threatened to accomplish this, and tried to blackmail Amanda to act in certain manners so that he do so,” the lawsuit states. “Often, Fischer has threatened Amanda using dissemination of private sexual images to be able to persuade Amanda to offer him something of worth .”
Under Oklahoma state law, intentionally disseminating private sexual images with the aim to”harass, intimidate or coerce” another is a crime punishable by up to one-year in prison and a fine up to $1,000 bucks.
The complaint also included alleged excerpts of text messages Fischer delivered to Brown. As an example, on Dec. 3, 2019, Fischer allegedly wrote:”I am sending this and the [REDACTED] video to [Person A] to hold on to for us possibly fighting.”
Brown reacted by telling Fischer”You do and that I will forever hate u,” and saying that their relationship was”done.”
Earlier this season, Fischer allegedly composed,”Fuck you, you aren’t a fantastic person. I just sent you the pics by text which I am going to send out. You may see what my resurrection is going to do.”
Later that day Fischer allegedly sent a follow up text scanning:”I just sent your nudes out to everybody […] watch what I would like to you. I’m going to be sure any sexual pics, bad pics are sent to your employer, then they will be soon delivered to our buddies, then I will sue you [the dog]… would you want to see what war is like… I am going to show you.”
Alleging that Fischer participated in similarly violent behaviour in two previous connections, Brown stated that she was filing the litigation to prevent him from participating in such behavior in the future.
“Mindful that predatory behavior persists when unconfronted, Amanda brings this action for compensatory and punitive damages to be able to vindicate her rights and, finally, dissuade Fischer–and those similarly likely –by treating others the way Fischer medicated her,” the lawsuit states.
Dippin’ Dots didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry from Law&Crime. TMZ, however, reported that Fischer’s lawyers released a statement, calling Brown’s suit an effort to extort their CEO customer after he ended the connection.
“This inflammatory suit brought forth by Ms. Brown is not anything more than an effort to extort Mr. Fischer after he ended their relationship. It is unfortunate that she …

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Ohio Man Who Claimed to Find His Girlfriend’s 2-Year-Old Boy with a Plastic Bag Over His Head Is Currently Charged with Murder

Ronald Hicks Jr..

An Ohio man formerly charged with felonious assault in the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old boy faces a count of murder.
Ronald Hicks Jr., 25, was previously arrested for the June 11 event.  The child victim was recognized as Ryan Mounts.
Hicks allegedly claimed he had been seeing four kids on behalf of the girlfriend. The kids started exercising, so he left them go upstairs, according to him. In this version of events, Hicks assessed on the kids because it was quiet, then he discovered the victim on mattress with a plastic bag on his mind. The youngster’s pulse was quick, he had blood on his lip, and he was beginning to grow blue, Hicks supposedly said.
Hicks claimed he tore the bag off of the child, then started performing CPR while calling 911.
The boy died the next day, with doctors ascertaining he suffered a fractured neck and head trauma. Their conclusion: these injuries couldn’t have occurred from the child using a bag over his mind, according to police at an Associated Press report. A couple of the kids at the house were reportedly Hicks’ girlfriend’s, while another two were his very own. Besides the victim, none of the other kids were reportedly injured.
Hicks was sentenced to October 29, 2020 to 18 months of probation for a felonious assault instance in which he fired a gun at a guy, grazing the victim’s face, according to He had been ordered to take anger management and gun-safety courses. It is unclear if he has a lawyer in the case.
[Mugshot through Cleveland Division of Police]The article Ohio Man Who Claimed to Find Your Girlfriend’s 2-Year-Old Boy with a Plastic Bag Over His Head Is Now Charged with Murder initial emerged on Law & Crime.…

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An 18-Year-Old along with Also a Juvenile Face Attempted Murder Charges After Allergic Fight Dollar Store Parking Spot in Myrtle Beach

Spencer Evan Golden

Two individuals suspected of following a sufferer and shooting at his car following a struggle on Saturday within a parking place out a Dollar General Store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, were arrested for attempted murder.
“The victim told officers he got into a verbal discussion with the suspects in the store and one suspect advised him he had firearms and that he would shoot him” WPDE/ABC15 News reported Monday. “The second suspect was in the passenger seat of the car.”
Among the suspects has been identified as 18-year-old Evan Spencer Golden (pictured above) of Small River. Another suspect has not been named and is now still a juvenile.
The struggle was allegedly over a dollar store parking place, WPDE stated.
The victim told police that the suspects followed closely on the highway following the debate ended. At one point, the suspect in the passenger chair supposedly pulled a gun and shot at the victim’s car, hitting the back tailgate.
The suspects then fled the scene, however, officers were able to stop and detain themthe report said. Guns and a shotgun shell were allegedly found in the car.
Golden was booked on Saturday day and was released on Monday morning by the J. Rueben Long Detention Center on a $45,000 bond, records seen by Law&Crime show. Records show he faces attempted murder, malicious injury to personal property, and ownership of a weapon during a violent offense.
Another suspect is a juvenile and allegedly will likely soon be in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice.
It’s unclear who was driving and who supposedly shot at the victim’s car. Even the Horry County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately return Law&Crime’s petition for extra information or comment.
[Image via Horry County Detention Center]
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After Courtroom Beatdown, Ex-‘Kraken’ Lawyer Withdraws Lawsuit Against MLB Over All-Star Game

After striking out in dramatic fashion at a federal judge’s courtroom earlier this month, the nonprofit team that sought a judicial order to deliver back the 2021 All-Star Game into Atlanta held a press conference on Monday to announce that their next move: Severely walking their suit out of court.
“MLB’s decision to punish these Atlanta small businesses and people who remember no responsibility to their state’s political action was wrong–regardless of what one judge states,” Alfredo Ortiz, the CEO of the so called Job Creators Network (JCN), said at a makeshift press conference on Monday.
Lawyers for Major League Baseball and the player’s marriage didn’t immediately respond to emails seeking comment.
The team filed a federal lawsuit in New York trying to reverse Major League Baseball’s decision to transfer the All-Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver, Colorado in the Aftermath of Georgia’s new retirement law. The law’s opponents have predicted SB 202 that a”voter suppression bill” supposed to frighten”conspiracy theorists” angry about the 2020 election result. JCN’s lawyer in their campaign, Howard Kleinhendler, participated in attempts to overthrow the election, even helping the so-called”Kraken” team headed by the likes of Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.
The same as the”Kraken” team’s suits in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia got defeated out of court, Kleinhendler’s lawsuit fared no better. JCN formally surrendered in their legal offensive on Monday.
Standing before a podium near the courthouse in which Kleinhendler received a judicial beatdown on June 10, Ortiz added:”The Job Creators Network will continue fighting to make it appropriate. In the meantime, we’ve opted to draw our lawsuit against Major League Baseball.”
The notice of dismissal hit on the federal court docket just as Ortiz left the statement.
“While we’re withdrawing our case against federal court in New York, we will continue to assess our legal choices and other out of court chances,” Ortiz added, promising information about front from the”coming days.”
The statement signals that the team won’t appeal a judgment by U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni, that lately found it would be too kind to call their lawsuit”weak and muddled.”
During a roughly 90-minute hearing earlier this month, Caproni systematically shredded the justifications offered by Kleinhendler to get a court order to bring the Midsummer Classic straight back to Atlanta. She resisted the argument that Major League Baseball protesting Georgia’s voting laws amounted to intimidation, and that she noticed that equal-protection laws aren’t designed to safeguard residents of a nation.
Caproni’s frustration was palpable over the span of an hour that she questioned Kleinhendler she appeared to boost her voice frequently and in one point, interjected,”For God’s sake!”
Despite criticizing her judgment, the Job Creators Network balked at the notion of bringing their case to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals–a short walk next door in the press conference. The notice that the team registered with the court Monday agrees to a voluntary dismissal”with prejudice,” but the probability of the lawsuit’s revival are vanishingly very long.

In his four-page lengthy address, Ortiz supposed to talk on behalf of small businesses and individuals of Georgia. Its main funder is the Mercer family, according to Mother Jones.
And Ortiz, talking on behalf of”deprived neighborhood little businesses” he predicted the”backbone of Atlanta’s communities,” reported 429,956 in compensation against the group plus a $100,050 bonus in 2019, the most recent year tax documents are available.
“The true hopes and dreams of these people in Georgia were shattered the day Major League Baseball chose to pull the game against these,” Ortiz, the California-born chief of the Lone Star State nonprofit, added.
Read the notice of …

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Justice Barrett Clashes with Conservative Justices on Burden of Persuasion in Goldman Sachs Case

Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett stands during a group photo of the Justices in the Supreme Court in Washington, DC on April 23, 2021.

Even the Supreme Court of the USA on Monday declared an appellate court judgment that innovative a class action lawsuit against Goldman Sachs within the 2008 financial crisis, providing the bank another opportunity to assert generically self-serving statements didn’t amount to securities fraud.
Splitting together with three of the conservative coworkers, Justice Amy Coney Barrett was the lead writer of the majority opinion that will create Goldman’s victory . The bank will still keep the burden of demonstrating that puffery about their corporate clinics did not meaningfully move the marketplace.
“We are pleased the Supreme Court has vacated the grant of class certification and we’re going to continue to aggressively defend ourselves because the situation contributes to the lower courts,” Goldman Sachs spokesperson Maeve DuVally advised Law&Crime in a email.
Counsel for the projected class of shareholders didn’t immediately respond to an email requesting comment.
Following this story was released, shareholders rights bands also praised the ruling-and moderately criticized the famed investment bank because of their interpretation of this court’s decision in the situation.
“By imitating existing legislation, together with the burden of persuasion firmly on the defendants, the Court’s decision upholds the rights of shareholders to seek responsibility in the future.”
“The consequences of giving Goldman (and other businesses ) a explicit green light to misconduct would have been devastating to investor confidence in the markets,” that statement continued. “If Goldman choose to characterize this a’win,’ it’ll say a fantastic deal about the way the company sees foot-dragging and justice for investors as good things. Indeed, we agree with Justice Sotomayor it was not. We are optimistic that the situation will finally have the ability to proceed the Second Circuit testimonials each the evidence regarding this Court’s decision, providing Goldman’s investors long overdue justice.”
A relatively brief and clean opinion, the decision is pockmarked by a string of concurrences and dissents that split up the judgment along ideological lines as well as their real world implications.
Stylized since Goldman Sachs Group v. Arkansas Teacher Retirement System, the first lawsuit this was brought by various educators, other state workers, accountants, pension funds and individual investors who lost money during the excellent Recession following the Manhattan-based investment bank’s stock price payable.
Far from run-of-the-mill frustrated investors, but the bankers maintained that Goldman Sachs made many, glowing, and misleading public statements about the lender’s business practices. In hindsight, those statements artificially inflated the lender’s stock price at the time the investments in issue were made, the plaintiffs claimed.
Various lower courts improved the shareholders’ litigation.
“Sometimes, Goldman supposedly represented to its shareholders that it was aligned with them when it was in fact short selling contrary to their positions,” the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit clarified.
The details of this case aren’t new or contentious.
Goldman Sachs often made deals that immediately undercut their particular clients’ standing by betting that many of their clients would fail. Throughout the 2008 financial catastrophe –and the straight consequent crisis that was the subprime mortgage scandal–that is precisely what happened, the lawsuit charges.
“Plaintiffs allege here between 2006 and 2010, Goldman preserved an inflated inventory by making repeated misrepresentations about its conflict-of-interest policies and business practices,” Barrett notes. “The misrepresentations are generic announcements against Goldman’s SEC filings and yearly reports.”
Playing both sides of the real estate marketplace dropped in stark contrast to statements like the subsequent highlighted in Monday’s view:
“We now have extensive controls and procedures that …

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Unanimous Supreme Court Sides with College Athletes Over NCAA — Here’s What You Will Need to Know

Here’s exactly what you need to know about the case captioned as NCAA v. Alston.
The Supreme Court ruled in favour of Alston, confirming the Ninth Circuit’s decision that upheld an injunction of their rules regarding the basis that they included unreasonable restraint of trade.
The athletes did not seek to throw out all the NCAA’s amateurism rules. Rather, they challenged a few restrictions on specific educational advantages. The NCAA appealed, asserting that it is entitled to immunity against application of antitrust laws, and that the district court ought to have accepted all of its present restraints.
Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote a thorough comment on behalf of the full court, entirely elaborating about the Court’s analysis, and reminding readers that the scope of the Court’s appellate authority is limited to reviewing the questions posed.
“From the start, American universities and colleges have had a complex relationship with sports and money,” Gorsuch started, recounting lucrative prizes given in a Harvard v. Yale boat race in 1852. Football, however, was that which”really caused college sports to eliminate,” explained the justice; even during the 1800s, soccer players had been wooed with extravagant gifts.
Just paragraphs in his view, Gorsuch mentioned that college football had a deadly background in the late 19th and early 20th centuries:
By 1905, however, a crisis emerged. While college soccer was hugely popular, it had been extremely violent. Plays like the flying wedge and the gamers’ mild protective equipment led to seven soccer fatalities in 1893, 12 deaths another year, and 18 in 1905.
In response to growing concerns over soccer security, President Theodore Roosevelt convened a meeting between Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, that succeeds in forming the precursor to the NCAA. A fundamental tenet of the company has been that student athletes should receive no monetary reimbursement for playing, but since Gorsuch pointed out,”truth did not necessarily match aspiration.”
Sports continued to attract in boatloads of earnings for colleges, which then, in turn, continued to tempt athletes with fiscal advantages. From the late 1940s, the NCAA’s rules changed, and colleges were permitted to supply athletes scholarships.

To some, these changes sought to replace a consistent, above-board compensation system for its varying under-the-table schemes which had proliferated. To the others, the code marked”the start of the NCAA acting as a powerful cartel,” by enabling its member colleges to establish and enforce”rules which restrict the cost they have to pay for their inputs (mostly the’student-athletes’).”
The NCAA’s rules continued to evolve, and eventually allowing schools to finance everything from books to laundry services, and even post-secondary scholarships, sometimes far in excess of the actual tuition price for your faculty.
The current NCAA, using all 1,100 school members across its three branches, is a booming,”enormous company,” based on Gorsuch. He supplied some numbers for context. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) made over $650 million in 1 season — and the figures are steadily increasing.

It is against this exact green background that a class action of current and former student-athletes in the men’s and women’s sports filed a complaint against the NCAA, asserting that its rules violated the Sherman Antitrust Act. The students argued that the NCAA’s”monopolistic practices” needs to be utilized to permit students and schools to enter into arrangements that would better compensate them for engaging in taxing (and possibly harmful) actions.
The NCAA argued that even though its rules failed to represent a restraint member schools, it’s entitled to an antitrust exemption because preserving amateurism is”portion of working out a societally important behavioural objective: higher education”
The Court also made it very clear that this was a case in …

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Memento of Conrad Roy, Teen Who Died by Suicide After Text Messages from Michelle Carter, Unexpectedly Turns Up Many Miles Away

Conrad Roy, Jr. claims he also received a Father’s Day surprise which felt like a present from his late son Conrad Roy III, who died by suicide in 2014.
“I am happy today because it felt like he brought me that ,” Conrad told Massachusetts local station WCVB.
Sandra Machado posted pictures of a red hard hat Facebook on Sunday, saying that she discovered it around the shores of the Azores Islands.

Machado wrote. “Found today a 11.30 about the beach of mills Porto Formoso island of S Sao Miguel.”
Machado said she saw the helmet at the waves, and after she pulled it out of the water, she noticed the stickers saying that it was out of Roy’s marine salvage business in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Conrad Roy reported he lost the hard hat after he was operating at a website in New Bedford with his late son in 2014.
Porto Formoso is about the island of Sao Miguel, the largest island on the Portuguese archipelago. The Azores Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 930 kilometers from Lisbon and about 2,400 kilometers from the east coast of North America.
At first, Machado didn’t understand the story behind the younger Conrad’s death, which made national news after his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, then 17 years old, was accused of involuntary manslaughter for sending 18-year-old Conrad Roy III text messages repeatedly encouraging him to accept his own life.
“I am happy for helping the family to have some type of reassurance,” Machado told WCVB.
Carter was detained in 2017, and sentenced to 2 and a half a year in prison, followed by probation.
Bristol County Sheriff’s Office
Carter appealed her conviction, first into the Massachusetts Supreme Court, which held that the lower court’s conviction, then to the Supreme Court of the USA, which refused her certiorari request.
Carter was also a”model inmate” in accordance with prison officials. She was released in Feb. 2020.
Roy Jr. told WCVB that he does not have any set plans yet when it comes to getting the hard hat, but he’s considering traveling into the Azores to regain it.
“I believe my kid’s narrative was such a negative narrative and only a depressing story, and I believe this brings a little happiness to a person on Father’s Day,” Roy Jr. said.
[Picture courtesy YouTube/WCVB]
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The Supreme Court Just Overhauled That the U.S. Patent Regime. Here Is What It Means.

Written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the judgment spells an overhaul of the U.S. patent program. The majority judgment finds that the conclusions of some 250 administrative patent judges will have to be reviewable from the manager of the United States Patent and Trademark Office in order to pass constitutional muster under the Appointments Clause.
Since Chief Justice Roberts mentioned in the judgment, a single patent judgment can have multibillion-dollar ripples.
“The validity of a patent formerly issued by the Patent and Trademark Office can be challenged before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, an executive tribunal inside the PTO,” the ruling’s introduction states. “The Board, composed mostly of Administrative Patent Judges appointed by the Secretary of Commerce, has the final sentence in the Executive Branch on the validity of a challenged patent. Billions of dollars might turn to a Board decision.”
In earlier times that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s rulings weren’t reviewable, until a medical device maker called Arthrex challenged the validity of patent judge appointments after receiving a negative judgment in its dispute with the company, Smith & Nephew, Inc..
In a judgment with Justices Samuel Alito,” Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, Roberts discovered their unreviewable authority .
The majority decided that the manager does not have to test every single case –but should have the ability to achieve that.
The judgment drew a scathing dissent from Justice Clarence Thomas, that discovered uncommon company with the courtroom left flank: Steven Breyer, Elena Kagan, also Sonia Sotomayor.
“For the very first time, this Court holds that Congress violated the Constitution by vesting the appointment of a federal officer at the head of a department,” Thomas wrote in his dissent. “Just who are these’main’ officers who Congress blatantly sought to smuggle into the Executive Branch without Senate confirmation? About 250 administrative patent judges that sit at the bottom of an organizational chart, nestled under at least 2 degrees of authority. Neither our precedent nor the original comprehension of the Appointments Clause requires Senate confirmation of officers inferior to not one, but two officials under the President.”
Emphasizing the shift this judgment bodes, Thomas added:”Perhaps the better way to understand that the Court’s opinion today is as creating a new sort of intrabranch separation-of-powers law.”
In another dissent in part, Justice Breyer detected a pattern at the Roberts court rulings restraining the ability of executive branch agencies.
“More broadly, I see the Court’s conclusion as one part of a larger shift in our separation-of-powers jurisprudence,” Breyer wrote, finding precisely the same”formalist strategy” at the core of its decision last year at Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
That was the case that limited the independence of their CFPB’s manager, by finding the president could shoot the head of the agency at will.
In a telephone meeting with Law&Crime, Ohio State University Professor Christopher J. Walker explained the judgment as a mixed bag in terms of the political independence of the agency.
“Some people on the patent bar won’t be overly excited about this, since that gives one individual who’s sexually appointed from the presidentconfirmed by the Senate–that the last word at the agency on all conclusions,” noted Walker, that serves as the chair of the American Bar Association’s Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.
On the flip side, the president included, ” the Supreme Court overruled the Federal Circuit’s judgment taking away the complete tenure protections that administrative patent judges appreciated.
As a consequence of this decision, Walker said of their patent judges:”They are not going to be concerned about being fired …

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‘An Unthinkable Tragedy’ in Ohio: Four Family Members Dead in Suspected Triple Murder-Suicide on Father’s Day

Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink

Authorities in Ohio are investigating the deaths of four people from what seems to have become a triple murder-suicide between members of the exact same family on Father’s Day, several neighborhood information outlets reported Sunday day.
According to the reports, law police officers in Jackson Township, Ohio received a call for a welfare check on a house first Sunday afternoon. Police arrived at the scene in roughly 4:09 p.m. on Sunday and entered the house where they found that the four dead bodies. Michelle Nicks, a reporter scene f0r CBS affiliate WOIO, called the incident”an unthinkable tragedy.”
At a Sunday press launch, Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink explained that the horrible slayings all seemed to stem from”a national dispute that turned deadly,” stating they have no reason to feel that any other individuals were involved with the killings, local information outlet The Independent reported.
Authorities withheld the names of their family members until Monday morning, following police could inform the next of kin. The titles of those individuals who died of fatal gunshot wounds include: 47-year-old Nicholas Mavrakis, 37-year-old Lesley Mavrakis, 13-year-old Ace Mavrakis, also 5-year-old Pippa Mavrakis, each WHBC.
The Jackson Township Detective Bureau, the Coroner’s Office, along with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations are entirely continuing to look into the event as”a triple homicide, suicide, even” each Brink’s press launch.
Law&Crime reached out to the Jackson Township Police Department more information, but we’ve not yet discovered.
[picture via YouTube screengrab]
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Armed Murder Suspect Allegedly Forced a Woman to Drive for 33 Hours. Her husband Says She disturbs Him to Surrender.

Oen Evan Nicholson

Police say a murder suspect forced a girl to push all of the way from Oregon to Wisconsin. The abductee had been able to talk him into surrendering, said her dad.

Nicholson was wanted for allegedly murdering his dad Charles Simms Nicholson, leaving the entire body at the older man’s trailer in North Bend, Oregon. Authorities stated he fatally shot Jennifer L. Davidson, 47, at the Herbal Choices Marijuana Dispensary, also utilized that a pickup truck to run over a few at a campground area, killing Anthony Oyster, 74, also critically injuring survivor Linda Oyster, 73. 911 calls about the dispensary shooting and campground attack came in Friday morning, stated Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier in a press conference.
The suspect car, a 2019 Dodge pickup truck, crashed and has been set on fire, as stated by the D.A.. The guy got out of the vehicle, appeared to be equipped with a handgun, also thrown into the bush, a witness stated according to authorities.

Johnson was out to get a lunch break in the work, officials stated. Based on cops, it turned out that Nicholson came to her when she returned into the parking lot. He forced her to push north, going all of the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin”at which he was detained without incident”
Officers did not detail the conditions of that arrest, but Johnson’s dad said Laura talked Nicholson into giving up.
“He approached her in her vehicle with a gun,” Dennis Johnson informed Oregon ABC-affiliate KEZI. “They said she was made to induce 33 hours to where they’re at. She managed to speak into turning himself “
Linda Oyster remains in critical illness, Fraiser stated in the press conference on Sunday.
Defendant Nicholson is charged with six brackets of murder due to the manner in which the legislation is composed in Oregon, stated Fraiser. There were only three deaths. He also faces a count of attempted murder in the second-degree, one count of first-degree attack, and two counts of failure to perform duties of driver for injured persons.
[Picture via North Bend Police Department]
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1-Year-Old Girl Was Just 8 Pounds When She Died in Custody of Her Children

Ten pounds is a normal weight for a newborn, but not for a 1-year-old girl who died in Texas. The kid appeared to be badly malnourished, had sores on her own body, dirt on her skin, and circular blisters on her lower back and buttocks, based on an affidavit obtained by KXAN.
The victim’s mom Sage Wright, 22, along with dad Christian Bishop-Torrence, 24, were arrested Friday in the kid’s death.
She was taken there to this hospital in a private vehicle and declared dead. The analysis led to detectives getting arrest warrants for her parents Friday.
Wright and Bishop-Torrence informed cops they noticed the girl losing weight as January, according to the affidavit acquired by KXAN. They supposedly failed to seek medical help. (Jail records reveal the offense date as January 15 for both parents)
Bishop-Torrence supposedly found the kid gasping for air, breathing slow and shallow breaths, and creating a rattle as she exhaled. He took her to the hospital in a friend’s car which was outside. Wright allegedly told investigators she did not bond with the kid as well as with her other kids.
A forensic examiner who examined the case reportedly dismissed some possible causes of the weight reduction.
“Although a small chance exists that a genetic or metabolic problem could cause weight reduction, normal newborn screens and the shortage of family history could make this highly unlikely,” wrote Dr. Suzanne Dakil of this University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
The parents have been held at the Wichita County Jail on Sunday in lieu of $500,000, records show. They each face a count of harm to a child, elderly, or disabled individual. Reportedly citing indigency, they asked court-appointed lawyers.
[Mugshot through Wichita County Jail]
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Man Killed a Woman and Her Two Children, Then Died by Suicide: Authorities

Apartment complex at which the girl and her kids were murdered.
A man murdered a woman and two kids, and he then died by suicide, state authorities in Herndon, Virginia. The victims weren’t identified, pending notification of kin. The man had a”personal relationship” with the girl, town police chief Maggie A. DeBoard cryptically said in a press conference on Saturday.
The sufferers were a girl and her two kids, in accordance with neighbors at a WUSA9 report. Woman was the guy’s girlfriend, according to NBC Washington. The suspect allegedly had informed authorities at a parking garbage that he murdered her and her two children, and he then jumped .
Neighbor Maria Castillo informed WUSA9 the girl worked hard and did not cause trouble.

#UPDATE (cont.) : After Herndon PD visited the home, they discovered an adult and two children dead in an apparent homicide.
FCPD says they were responding to a man w/ a mental health crisis at a Reston Town Center parking garage about 6 rebounds, who afterwards fell to his death. @wusa9

Another neighbor told the socket he tried calling the girl all morning but got no answer. He discovered authorities investigating the spectacle.
The kids were diagnosed with neighbors as two women, one about age , and the other turning 10 on Saturday.
“Exactly why the women?” Neighbor Luisa told NBC.

The @HerndonPolice main just briefed us:

— mature & two kids from same family murdered in triple homicide

— explains it as a very horrific scene

— states no danger to public

— man who died in apparent suicide in Reston had personal relationship to mature sufferer @wusa9

The investigation is continuing. The alleged motive behind it remains unclear.
[Screengrab via NBC Washington]The post Person Killed a Woman and Her Two Children, Then Died by Suicide: Police initially appeared Law & Crime.…

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Naked Man Made His Way into Home, Claimed It Was His and Killed Parakeets: Homeowner (VIDEO)

A man made his way into a home naked, place to the homeowner’s shorts, wrapped at the pool and killed two parakeets on Thursday. That’s Paul Kyan, 34, stated cops at Bel Air, California, based on Fox 11.
Video showed the man wandering the residence nude and placing on shorts. As seen in video, homeowner Matt Sabz, who had been home alone, confronted him from the top of the stairs. Sabz’s wife had phoned, telling him their surveillance footage showed the naked man breaking into the home, he explained.
The man did not go, he explained. Instead, the person claimed this was his residence.
“He didn’t quit,” Sabz said. “He looked at me and said’that is my property, what are you doing here’ and that I can say a phrase, he stated’I’m going to call law enforcement .’ And right away I recognized that this is not a man that you wish to participate with any farther.”
Footage purportedly captured Kyan killing the family’s two parakeets.
“He smiled at them like a serial killer,” Sabz said. “He placed his hands close to themthey dropped themand stomped on them. The other bird understood what was going on. It is possible to hear the bird screaming and he did exactly the identical thing with the second bird. That kind of changed everything once we saw that he killed these two defenseless animals.”
Sabz would escape from the home by the balcony outside the break in, but he said his kids were the people who discovered the parakeets dead. Kiyan was later confronted with neighborhood security. He’d become the home by carrying a garage door opener from an unsecured car, authorities said. He faces charges of burglary and animal cruelty.…

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New Jersey Man Murdered His Girlfriend, Was Taken to Hospital for Self-Inflicted Wounds: Prosecutors

Joseph Palacios

A man was charged with murder for allegedly murdering his girlfriend. Joseph Palacios, 22, had been taken to a hospital for self-inflicted wounds,” stated the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday. He even took the life of Michelle Paola Castillo Siguencia, 24, authorities said.

PRESS RELEASE: Weehawken man arrested in relation to the departure of his girlfriend.
— ProsecutorSuarezHCPO (@HCPOProsecutor) June 20, 2021

Hudson County, New Jersey is west of all of Nyc.
Police in the township of Weehawken reacted Saturday to an address on Hudson Avenue, finding Siguencia apparently dead in an apartment bathroom, prosecutors said. She was eventually declared dead. The official cause and manner of her death is impending investigation of the Regional Medical Examiner, however it’s worth nothing besides murder, Palacios is charged with possession of a weapon (knife) for unlawful purposes, and criminal possession of a weapon (knife).
He’d barricaded himself in the apartment of a relative in neighboring Union City,” prosecutors said. SWAT forced their way inside and took him into custody, authorities said. Palacios was described as having self-inflicted wounds, but authorities did not describe the reason behind these injuries. He was accepted to the Jersey City Medical Center, authorities said. Jersey City is south east of Weehawken, separated by Hoboken.
It is unclear if Palacios has a lawyer in this matter.
[Picture via Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office]The post New Jersey Man Murdered His Girlfriend, Was Taken to Hospital for Self-Inflicted Wounds: Prosecutors initially emerged on Law & Crime.…