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Boxer Allegedly Punched Pregnant Lover, Injected Her Utilizing Syringe, and Dumped Her Body Off Bridge

A boxer was arrested Sunday in Puerto Rico for supposedly murdering his pregnant lover. Felix Verdejo, 27, was taken into custody by authorities in the passing of Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz, 27. This occurred following the victim’s mother claimed the defendant had jeopardized Keishla about not having an infant.
Police say Rodriguez Ortiz was really pregnant.
Verdejo allegedly referred to as a person on Tuesday to assist end his girlfriend’s pregnancy, and he met the victim on Thursday.
The assault began after Keishla entered her motor vehicle. Verdejo, who competed in the 2012 Olympic matches for boxing and also has a 27-2 specialist record, punched her and injected her with a drug, prosecutors said. He and another person controlled Rodriguez Ortiz’s arms and feet using a cable. They tied her to a block, and pitched her off a bridge between the backing of San Juan and also the town of Carolina.
The defendant allegedly fired a gun at the victim.
Verdejo hadn’t been cooperating from the missing person’s search, police said. The entire body washed up in San Juan.
[Image of Verdejo in 2015 via Ethan Miller/Getty Images for SHOWTIME]
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