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Arizona Election Auditors Check Ballots to Bamboo Fibers Following Conspiracy Theorists Claim 40,000 Votes Were’Flown in’ from Asia

Builders working for Cyber Ninjas, who had been hired from the Arizona State Senate, analyze and recount ballots in the 2020 general election at Veterans Memorial Coliseum on May 1, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Maricopa County ballot recount comes after two election audits found no evidence of widespread fraud.
The bizarre situation surrounding Arizona’s contentious GOP-led audit of the 2020 presidential elections became stranger Wednesday. Auditors are supposedly assessing ballots for pine fibers in an effort to confirm an absurd conspiracy theory which deceptive votes generated in Asia were counted in Arizona in November.
In a meeting with journalist Dennis Welch of local CBS affiliate KTVK, Tucson resident and volunteer author John Brakey clarified the bamboo theory in higher detail.
“Well, there is evidence which 40,000 ballots were flown into Arizona and stuffed into the box, fine, and it originated in the south east part of the entire globe — Asia — and exactly everything they are doing is to learn whether or not there’s bamboo in the paper,” Brakey stated.
He then gestured to some bit of gear that wasn’t captured in the video meeting but that was apparently being used to take extremely higher definition pictures of individual ballots for inspection.
“That camera there, they [use] to shoot a picture of their ballotthey can really look at depth and discover out can it be a hand marked paper ballot since it’s a 5k camera. You can see the springs from the ballot, because 92-percent of all of the ballots here should’ve been trimmed because they came in through an envelope,” he stated, adding that he had been”on a mission for facts.”
Welch then requested Brakey, who specifically said that he did not think the bamboo-fraud theory, why auditors would be interested in locating bamboo.
“Because they use bamboo in their paper processing” Brakey reacted, demonstrating by”they” he meant”folks in South East Asia.”
“I don’t think any of that,” Brakey additional. “I am just saying that is a portion of the mystery we want to un-gaslight folks about and that is a way to do it.”

John Brakey, an official assisting oversee the audit of their 2020 Arizona election,” says auditors are searching for bamboo fibers because of a baseless accusation which 40K ballots from Asia were smuggled here. #AzAuditPool

Here’s the rest of the interview #AzAuditPool

The hunt for bamboo fibers is just the latest cause for concern in a listing that has been growing since the GOP-led state senate declared the audit a month.
Firstthe senate contracted Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based consulting firm that has never worked with the election and can be directed by conspiracy theorist Doug Logan.
After the election,” Logan wrote a record promoting a string of debunked conspiracy theories about alleged voter fraud running rampant in the 2020 election. The missive was supplied to U.S. Senators prior to that chamber certifying the Electoral College votes on Jan. 6.
The Arizona Mirror also chronicled Logan’s support for Donald Trump’s”Stop the Steal” movement and his penchant for conspiracies. For instance, in December, Logan tweeted the”contrasts involving the statistical evaluation of Venezuela and this year’s election have been astounding.”
Journalists who detected the audit informed staffers that ballot counters were utilizing blue pencils when just red or maybe green pencils were allowed in counting rooms. The prohibition on black and blue ink is critical because those colours could be read from vote-counting machines and potentially be utilized to alter ballots.

I noticed that the counters had blue pencils. Supposed to just have red when you’re around ballots since ballots can read blue and black ink.
Those blue pens the counters have might potentially be utilized to mark the ballots.
I pointed this out to Doug Logan using Cyber Ninjas…
— Jen Fifield (@JenAFifield) April 23, 2021

Doug is running this particular audit. He said that his understanding has been that grim ink was fine — which the ballots just read black ink.
Then he came back and said actually it seems that I am right. But he still seemed unsure. He explained they would work with it.
— Jen Fifield (@JenAFifield) April 23, 2021

1 quick upgrade. They switched to red and green pens until the genuine real ballots were out on the floor.
— Jen Fifield (@JenAFifield) April 23, 2021

Citing”trade secrets,” Cyber Ninjas also tried to withhold its auditing procedures and processes from the people until a judge ordered the firm to release such records.
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