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3-Month-Old Baby Shot Dead After as Numerous as 50 Police Cars Chased Double-Murder Suspect Father Across State Lines

A picture taken from watch video shows the scene as shots rang out. (Image via WLOX-TV screengrab.)
A 3-month-old baby is dead following a shootout between the authorities and the kid’s father in Biloxi, Mississippi.
The father, Eric Derell Smith, 30, was struck and killed by multiple gunshots. The baby, La’Mello Parker, was struck once and killed, but the local coroner’s office didn’t immediately confirm if the baby was shot by the police or from the father. A complete report will be provided to various government, including the local prosecutor’s office, Harrison County, Miss.. Switzer didn’t state if the baby was shot at close range.
The coroner said before that Smith wasn’t killed by a self-inflicted wound.
Eric Derell Smith.
Smith was suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend Christin Parker, 32, and her nephew Brandon Parker, 26, in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, on Monday. Christin Parker was La’Mello Parker’s mother. Smith took off La’Mello and fled Mississippi.
Police chased Smith into Biloxi, roughly two and a half east of Baton Rouge Parish, knowing that baby La’Mello was in Smith’s car. About two-thirds of the way to Biloxi, police say Smith as well as the authorities shot at one another in Hancock County, Miss.. Traffic was blocked from going into the highway. At 50 law enforcement cars were a part of this quest, the TV channel said.
A screen capture from video captured with a Mississippi Department of Transportation traffic shows Eric Derell Smith’s blue sedan being chased by a set of police vehicles.
Numerous videos of this chase show police cars lined up three and occasionally four vehicles broad and an uncountable amount of vehicles deep in pursuit of Smith’s blue automobile.
Smith allegedly drove them around at one stage, but eventually, two of the tires surfaced. As Smith’s auto slowed, video captured by a witness indicates the police bumping his sedan into the median.
Other video captured by a witness suggests Smith may have fired a weapon. The police replied by firing approximately twenty rounds.

A police accounts reported by the Biloxi Sun-Herald suggests Smith may have tried getting from the motor automobile.
Smith appears to have expired at the scene. The baby was rushed to a hospital in Biloxi, then into a trauma centre in Mobile, Alabama. Although the baby was originally listed in stable condition, ” he took a turn to the worse.
Watch one of those watch videos below.
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